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Fractional CFO

Imagine having an expert who manages your business finances and aligns your financial strategy with your business goals. 

With us, you get it all for a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO.

HURRY! Limited sessions remaining - act now!


Our Results


oversee your finances and align goals, strategy and operations.

Business Goals


have the time and information required to achieve your business goals.

Financial Strategy

Financial Operations

CFO  Services

Advice & Strategy

  • Experience: Financing, M&A, operations and more. We navigate complexities with years of expertise.

  • Clear Insights: Offering practical advice in terms you can understand.

  • Team Member: Think of us as part of your in-house team, ensuring timely guidance without the typical outsourced advisor delay.

Data & Systems

  • Integrated Data: Eliminate siloed information. We merge data across business units.

  • Certified Expertise: Trust us with data. We have years of certified experience. 

  • Systems Design: Rely on us for recommendations on the best systems and tools for your business.

Projections & Forecasts

  • Dynamic Financial Models: Specializing in creating responsive financial frameworks.

  • Business-Centric: Starting with a thorough understanding of your business needs.

  • Data-Driven: Your system's data fuels our models. We build with automation so the models stay up-to-date.

Accounting & Compliance

  • Cloud Accounting Experts: Crafting systems and teams for timely, accurate results.

  • Taxes: We collaborate with your tax accountants to keep you compliant.

  • Professional Network: Leverage our network of experts for all your business challenges.


"Nick is an exceptional addition to our team at Oncoustics.  He not only manages our accounts and systems efficiently and effectively, but he's strategic in evaluating the best ways to optimize our business and be capital efficient."

Beth Rogozinski


Oncosutics Inc.



Nick French, BComm, CPA

With over a decade of experience in accounting firms and the industry, Nick has skillfully guided finance teams of businesses with revenues reaching up to $25M annually.

Nick's expansive understanding of various business sectors beyond finance and accounting sets him apart from his peers. His expertise in data management, marketing, sales, and operations, combined with his foundational accounting skills, empowers him to take a holistic approach to financial management.

Nick is steadfast in his belief that a company's success hinges on the collaboration of all its functions. Recognizing the importance of each component, he meticulously crafts strategies designed to positively influence the entire organization.


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